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Connecting to third-party DNS

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Your IP Address for each domain can be configured in your Dashboard. Click on 'My Dashboard' at the top of the relevant the Enwau home page.

Click on the Domains icon to locate your Domain in the Domain Name listing and then click on Domain Name item to configure the Domain Name. Scroll to the Name Servers section of the domain configuration panel, and click to edit the Nameservers.

Selecting Third-Party DNS

Below, are some helpful links to configure your nameservers for a selection of website hosting providers.

Weebly (alternative name servers section)
Wix (requires a signed up account)
Google Blogger Currently requires CNAME configuration - set your name servers to those of your DNS provider
Google Sites Currently requires CNAME configuration
Digital Ocean
Linode (section Setting Domain Names to Use Linode's Name Servers)
Amazon EC2 Requires CNAME configuration*