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Contact details

Why do you need to verify my contact details?

Netistrar is an ICANN Accredited Registrar licensed to supply internet domain names. Under the accreditation rules (RAA 2013), registrars and their resellers and customers are required to maintain accurate and verified contact details - particularly postal address details and email addresses, which must be verified on sign-up and kept up to date. To fulfil this requirement, Netistrar performs several routines to validate postal addresses and email addresses when new accounts are created and whenever contact details are updated. In addition, we ask resellers (as account operators entrusted with other people's account information) to provide a validated mobile telephone number.

What are your rules for validating a postal address?

The criteria for postal address validation changes throughout the world. Different countries have different postal code or zip code structures. The format of addresses varies. Some may be verifiable by using third-party systems, such as the British Royal Mail Postcode Finder, and others may require independent manual checks. Netistrar will try to verify your postal address using our standard processes, which are streamlined and designed to reduce costs for you, the reseller, or registrant. If we are unable to verify your postal address for any reason, we may ask you to provide an alternative address for domain name registrations, or perhaps provide further evidence of the validity of your postal address.

Nameservers, DNS, A records

I've purchased my new domain name. How do I modify A records, etc.?

Review this article about configuring your name servers.


What's the risk for me as a reseller?

The Netistrar system is designed to offer low-cost, high-quality services for people to buy and sell domain names for a profit. A deposit is payable to trigger the services for each package. All deposits are non-refundable, but there is nothing to prevent you from using up your deposit by purchasing domains.

Is my deposit refundable?

No. But there is nothing to prevent you from using it up by simply purchasing or renewing domain names to the value of the original deposit.

Can I purchase domain names for myself as a reseller?

Yes. Resellers are trade customers. You can purchase domain names for yourself, or your business or organisation. But you are not obliged to offer domain names for sale to third parties.

Is it much work for me to be a reseller?

Not if you don't want it to be. The Netistrar control panel is designed to offer a total solution for domain name sellers (banking, compliance communication, search tools). We also offer APIs and plug-ins to resellers who may wish to integrate Netistrar services with their own website or operational workflow.

I have read that ICANN are cracking down on resellers. What does that mean?

Historically, the industry has been poorly regulated. But new industry initiatives such as ICANN's revised Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA 2013) have put the onus on resellers to adhere to the same terms as registrars (like Netistrar). Simply put, the bad days are over. Compliance means all domain sellers must sell domains properly, with the correct notifications and procedures. Netistrar takes care of all of that for you.

Will Netistrar sell anything directly to my customers?

No. There are reports that other registrars offer services such as certification and website hosting directly to their own resellers' customers. We never do this. We aim to facilitate offering additional services - such as websites, hosting, certification, and extra security - but never without your involvement. We will not offer services to your customers directly through the control panel. Typically, other registrars offer things like certificates as features in the control panel that have to be spotted by you, the reseller, and then 'switched off'.

Can I transfer domains to my account from elsewhere?

Yes. Even better: Netistrar's control panel can provide you with a 'total view' of your domain name portfolio, including domains managed by other providers. You do not have to purchase domain names through Netistrar to transfer them to your portfolio view.

Do I have to purchase any domain names?

To maintain a 'live' Netistrar account, with all the associated tools and cataloguing services, that account must remain in credit and at least one domain name purchased or renewed in any one year.

Privacy Proxy

What are Privacy Proxy Services?

Under international rules for domain name registrars (eg. Netistrar), registrars are allowed to offer services to customers who:

may wish to keep certain information about them from being published in public WHOIS information ICANN 2015

Netistrar offers FREE Privacy Proxy Services to its customers. For further information please review this Privacy Proxy article and our Privacy Proxy help doc.

Reseller FAQs

What's the risk for me as a reseller?

The Netistrar system is designed to offer low-cost, high-quality services for people to buy and sell domain names for a profit. A deposit is payable to trigger the services for each package. All deposits are non-refundable, but there is nothing to prevent you from using up your deposit by purchasing domains.

How do I, the reseller, get invoices for payments made?

Full order history is maintained in your control panel. Login to your dashboard [] and click on the "Orders" icon.

Why do you need my mobile number on sign up?

Resellers can have responsibility for their customers' data as well as their own. Because resellers may have this additional responsibility, we use good security practices such as two-factor authentication to help protect the data we hold on your and your customers' behalf against misuse.

So, from time to time, we may send a security code by SMS to your mobile number and ask you to enter this security code where prompted on our control panel.

To learn more about how we process your personal data, please consult our privacy policy.

How do we use your contact information on sign up?

Netistrar operates in the European Union and is subject to data protection laws. These laws regulate how we store and process your personal data, and these are reflected in our privacy policy and registrant terms. For resellers, you should also consult our terms of service.

We do not sell your contact information, or that of your customers, to third parties.


What if I forget my password?

To offer you the highest level of security, Netistrar will never know your password, but we can reset it for you.

Click the "forgot password" link in the login screen. To make sure it's really you, we will ask you to answer one or more of the security questions you gave us when you created your account. So, make sure that you pick questions that you can remember the answers to, or that you've stored the information in a safe place.

We will then send an email to the address on our system. The email has a temporary password and a link. When you receive the email, note the password and click on the link.

Enter your temporary password.

You will then be invited to reset your password, and confirm the new password. Please store your new password safely.

If you forget the answers to your memorable questions, contact us and we will take you through further security checks.

Password format

Your password must be between eight and fifteen characters in length. It should be a combination of letters (in upper and lower case), numbers and characters.

Why do I have to answer three memorable questions?

This is a security procedure. You will need to be able to answer these questions if you forget your password and/or we have to identify you by phone. Your answers should be personal and instinctively known by you, or else stored in a safe place and easily recoverable.

Why am I not receiving a confirmation code?

We send your four-digit confirmation code by text to the mobile number provided: make sure you've entered the right mobile number in the right international format (+123456789 etc). The code may take a little time to come through, depending on phone traffic, so be patient. You may wish to check on the network status in your area. When the code arrives, simply enter it in the box on the control panel.

Why am I getting spam? and are trading brands of Netistrar Limited. Netistrar is an ICANN Accredited Registrar licensed under ICANN rules to sell and manage domain names such as .COM, etc. Under ICANN rules all Registrar's are required to publish domain name ownership information on the WHOIS register. Note, we never sell your data or pass it onto third parties (note our Privacy Policy), but WHOIS records are open for others to review (i.e. people who may wish to use the information unlawfully and send unsolicited email etc.). Enwau offers options for people to hide their records from the WHOIS register for free of charge. For further explanation, please review this article about hiding your personal information from public WHOIS records.